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Friday, April 11, 2008

Obama’s Statement on Olympic Ceremony Boycot, China, Tibet, and Darfur

Activists are urging world leaders to stay away from the ceremonies to underscore concerns about China's human rights record, its handling of recent unrest in Tibet and its relationship with Sudan. (Source: Obama wants Olympic ceremonies boycott, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Thursday, April 10)

Barack Obama joined Democratic presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday in calling for President Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

"If the Chinese do not take steps to help stop the genocide in Darfur and to respect the dignity, security and human rights of the Tibetan people, then the president should boycott the opening ceremonies," Barack Obama said. "As I have communicated in public and to the president, it is past time for China to respect the human rights of the Tibetan people, to allow foreign journalists and diplomats access to the region, and to engage the Dalai Lama in meaningful talks about the future of Tibet."

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  2. Happy Sunday!
    Blessings to all who have joined this effort for Darfur!

    Peace & Love

  3. now he is acting like the same old same old, responding s opposed to being innovative - should have added this to his for policy stup at start