Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Horse who lost a Rider

For want of a shoe a horse was lost.
For want of a horse a rider was lost.
For want of a rider...

The motorcycle in this picture has ejected its rider in a traffic accident. The bike is crushed. And, here is the picture of the bike rider.

For want of a rider a life was lost.

I see a man, racing down the highway, at a high rate of speed. He becomes distracted. And, when he wakes up, he is face to face with God.

Eddie Griffin has created a religious bible study blog. It is recommended only for those who come with bibles. If you do not have a bible, there are direct links to scriptures.

I am a man who seeks to know God better before I have to meet him face to face.


Eddie Griffin, 60 years old, survived a Texas Ranger sharpshooter at close range, the death penalty for bank robbery, kidnapping, and commandeering a police squad car- at age 26. In prison, Eddie Griffin was a peacekeeper among inmates. Encountered with numerous life-threatening situations, Eddie (also known among inmates as Mwana or M1) once had to face down two knife-welding inmates to keep them from stabbing a brother to death. Griffin also survived innumerable days in a refrigerated prison strip cell, held incommunicado, with running water for only 30 minutes a day.


My conversion experience was a de ja vu dance with death when I stepped up to an inmate welding a pipe and disarmed him after he crushed his skull. It happened just the way I had trained and practiced for it. In real life drama, I got clonked and dazed, surprised that I did not strip him of his weapon. I made the same mistake in practice after practice of stepping outside my defense parameters. So, I found myself holding on to the arm with the pipe, hanging on for dear life, bleeding like a skinned pig, willing myself not to fall to the ground, refusing to blackout. It took everything I had, every ounce of strength I could muster, to wrestle the pipe away.

It was also the same de ja vu dance with death for Raymond “Cadillac” Smith, ("Samson", I call him) my training partner, who died in handcuffs after prison guards abandoned him to two knife-welding white Aryan Brotherhood assassins. (Current FBI files are full stories of the prison warfare between the AB and DC gangs, originating with the assassination of Raymond “Cadillac” Smith). Cadillac and I had both trained in the same prison cage for that very moment to come- that is, how to protect ourselves by blocking batons and pipes and how to fend off an assailant while in handcuffs. De ja vu, by the grace of God, I came out alive.

Eddie Griffin was recognized as an international political prisoner. This history is fully documented, including the lawsuit and national protests that caused the United States government to release him. Also released from prison by President Jimmy Carter were Marion Brothers Rafael Cancel Miranda and Lorenzo Komboa Ervin. Other Marion Brothers still incarcerated include American Indian Movement leader Leonard Peltier and Black Liberation Army leader Herman Bell.

Eddie Griffin is the author of “Breaking Men’s Minds”, a dissertation and real life experience of the government’s research on mind control techniques using prisoners as guinea pigs. During the 1970s, Griffin was the most interviewed prisoner in the US prison system on issues of prisoner human rights, torture by psychological stress techniques and sensory deprivation, and forced and coerced drugging of prisoners without their consent.

“Breaking Men’s Minds” is still cited by prisoners and their lawyers today.


  1. My first thought is that we have not yet begun to take seriously enough the threat to our Black men, and our people in general, that the American prison industrial complex represents. I am raising 3 young men of color right now myself. As I watch the criminalization of our young people, I realize that none of our children, no matter their level of education and suburban status, is safe from this threat.

    My next realization is that we've got to get the knowledge in your head Eddie out there to the masses. People need to know just how real this is. Without evidence of lives lived like yours, the truth of this war can be denied.

    Thank you for the sacrifices that you and other brothers have made so that brothers like me can be awakened and aware. My generation needs to step up and be counted in the fight.

  2. Bro. Eddie, Would like to write to you some time.

    A stuggling DC Bother

  3. dc, please contact me at