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Thursday, June 21, 2007

NBC Nightly News: Please Notice

Brian Williams -- NBC News
Title: Anchor; Managing Editor
Department: NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
Phone: (212) 664-4691
Fax: (212) 664-6044
Address: 30 Rockefeller Plz, New York, NY 10112

Dear Mr. Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News:

Since the evening news will be broadcasting from Fort Worth, Texas on tonight, Thursday, June 21, 2007, here is a recent local story that broke into UPI and all the local media.

The Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall, crown jewel of Fort Worth, hosted black comedian D.L. Hughley, star of The Hughleys, on June 16, 2007, for a Juneteenth celebration. But Bass Hall was lambasted by protest and the Hughley performance wound up with less than a half-full house on a Saturday night.

What was at issue?
Why was this black-on-black protest the Number One local news story with all four local networks, including local NBC affiliate Channel 5, over the past weekend? Why has it become a hot topic issue in the black blog community?

NBC or

ABC or

CBS or

Fox 4 News or


Fort Worth Star-Telegram story “Comedian’s show may be boycotted” (June 15, 2007) by Andrew Chavez

Fort Worth Star-Telegram story “Comedian gets material from controversy” (June 17, 2007) by Malcolm Mayhew

Reference: Eddie Griffin (BASG) at

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  1. I called that number and spoke with Berkley Wilks or Welks and he said he was going to contact the NBC affiliate for the video