Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Election Results: The Called and Chosen Protégés

Many are called, but few are chosen-

In the July 31 runoff election, we elected Marc Veasey for Democrat U.S. Congress District 33, and Nicole Collier, Democrat, for Veasey’s vacated Texas House District 95 seat. In the wings await incumbent Texas Senator Wendy Davis, District 10.

These are our chosen, from the ranks of the Democratic Party, trained and mentored, to go out and do battle against the Republican opposition. The stars are aligned, from here (DFW) to Congress and to the White House.

While people are complaining about things which have no immediate solution, and vie for debate, we, on our end, are training up the next generation of leadership who has the courage and smarts to tackle the problems.

Marc Veasey, Wendy Davis, and Nicole Collier have each been thoroughly mentored by Eddie Griffin, international human rights advocate.

These are not isolated individuals. They are part of a team on a mission. And, it will take a kick-butt attitude to get it done. Eddie Griffin, once a leader in the 1960s revolution, is now a human rights advocate, with a dialectic perspective on government.

I believe that we have the power to solve our own problems with new and bold leadership. It is better to change government from within, rather than keep banging on the outside door. A power alignment intensifies the power of a few against the many.

God gives leaders wisdom and guidance by His Word. We, the people, give them power.

Congratulation again- Marc Veasey and Nicole Collier


Eddie Griffin (BASG)

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