Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And the Oil Stayed

In my daily reading from Genesis to Revelation, I came across this phrase in today’s reading: “And the Oil Stayed”. And, I remembered that a preacher used this phrase from 2 Kings 4:6.

It seemed so paradoxical, with what was going on in the Gulf of Mexico, and today’s (Wednesday, June 23, 2010) text [2 Kings 4-6]

The creditor would take her two sons as bondmen for the debt of their deceased father. The prophet Elisha asked what she possessed. “Nothing,” she replied, “except a little pot of oil”.

As she was instructed, she gathered many vessels and poured oil into them, and sold the oil, and paid the debt, and eventually saved her sons from bondage.


If BP defaults on its liability to the people of the Gulf, the people have the rights to seize property, explore deep oil at its own risk, and collect the profits for themselves. All oil skimmed from the surface of the ocean and somehow recovered should immediately become the property-in-possession of the people of the Gulf.

For as long as the Oil Stays, the people should be enriched from its proceeds.

[To be continued]

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