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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

“A Girl Like Me”: An OSCAR-Worthy Black Teen Video

A look through the eyes of young black teenage girls and an introspection on the meaning of skin-color and beauty standards in America

Kiri Davis' A Girl Like Me is the most powerful documentary I have seen in my life- bar none. I cannot stop watching it... over and over. I cannot cease my tears.

Ms. Davis is a 17-year old Harlem student who created a video of the famous Dr. Kenneth Clark’s doll experiment.

The Question behind the Film: Would today’s black children choose the white doll over the black doll again, as they did in the 1940s?

Here is the video. [Editor's Note: The unabridged version contains additional interviews]




Kiri Davis has won the Cosmo Girl Take Action Hollywood Contest!!!! She will walk away with a much deserved $10,000 scholarship, a Windows Vista Ultimate laptop, an iPod Shuffle, and a Target gift card.


From Eddie Griffin (BASG)

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A truly extraordinary piece of work… with tear-jerking honesty… high quality… some of the most dignified African-American teenage girls confess their feelings about growing up with stigmas of beauty base on skin color. This is truth and integrity at its heart. At age 17, Kiri Davis is on her way to an Oscar.

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"A Girl Like Me" is the type of videos they should be showing on BET. Ms. Kiri Davis has given us hope for our daughters.

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